We are a full service sports education and training organization dedicated to building better athletes and citizens. Our focus is to provide a challenging and rewarding environment where athletics, education and fun meet. We do this by offering customized

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                                            Player Registration and Waiver Form


Player Name_____________________________________ Date of birth ____________________________


Address _______________________________________________________________________________


Phone ____________________________________ Email _______________________________________


I certify that my child is in excellent physical health, and may participate in strenuous physical activities, or any sports to be played at clinic/camp/club tryout/training. I fully understand that in undertaking this training program some risk may be involved as in any activity, and I fully assume that risk. Permission is granted for my son or daughter to receive emergency medical treatment if needed, and I hereby release Boston Elite, and their affiliated entities Hammer FC, from all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action of personal injury, property damage and/or other loss suffered by my child in connection with his/her participation in the tryout, camp, clinic and training.

I have read and understand this form and the program it described, and I do voluntarily request the right to participate in the program. I represent that I am a parent/guardian to the minor named below, and agree that the grant and release contained therein binds the minor and me to all terms.


Parent(s) Name(print) ___________________________________________  Cell Phone _________________________


Parent Signature ____________________________________  Date ___________________



Medical Information (REQUIRED)


Known Allergies ______________________________


Known Medical Problems _______________________


Insurance Name ________________________________________


Policy # _______________________________________________


Name of physician _________________________________ Phone _______________________________


Complete this form and mail along with payment made to Hammer FC to:

 Walter Moya, 135 High Street EXT, Lancaster MA 01532