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From a current Hammer FC U17 player:

Founded in 2006 by Hank George, the Hammer Futbol Club has trained and developed kids from all walks of life. Hank, who was a professional player himself, created the club as a way of giving kids from Massachusetts the ability to train and improve in their soccer skills with a hope that they will pursue it in the future. From a player’s perspective, the club is more than just a team, but a family. Players from different backgrounds join together to make a diverse team not only helps improve with soccer skills, but with social skills as well. After ten years, Hammer has grown in skill and in skill amongst all age group leading to this past years state cup where 4 of the 6 eligible teams in the club were invited. Not only was Hammer there, but 2 of the 4 teams made it to the state cup finals and 1 team, the U18s, ended up traveling to West Virginia for Regionals. The quality of coaching and the community you become a part of is a the main reason that this club is so special and influential in so many lives.